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 Curse Words

(But you didn't hear them from us!)



"Jumpin' Jahosafat!"


"Heavens to Betsy!"

"Holy Cow"


"Geez Louise"

"Sugar tit!"


"Jimminy Cricket"

"Hell's Bells"

"Bull Hockey"

"Great Ceasar's Ghost!"


Slang words from the 1940's


"Above my pay grade" –Don’t ask me

"Armored heifer" –Canned milk 

"Beef" -A disagreement, argument.

"Bender" -A drinking spree.

"Booger" -A brat, a rascal.

"Buy the farm" -To die

"Buzz" -Tipsiness

"Cookie" -A girl who is cute

"Crumb" -A jerk

"Cut a rug" -Dance

"Glitterati" -Wealthy or famous people

"Gobbledegook" -Nonsense 

"Hang!" -Interjection of frustration or emphasis

"Hen fruit" –Eggs

"Hi sugar, are you rationed?" –Are you going steady?  

"Hipster" -A member of the counterculture of the 40s (Origin of ‘hippie’)

"Hitch" - To marry

"Holy Mackerel!" -An interjection of surprise

"Hot Dog!" -An interjection of surprise

"Hotshot" -Expert

"Jive Bomber" -Good dancer

"Khaki Wacky" -A girl who's crazy about boys

"Motorized Freckles" -Insects

"Rhubarb" - Argument, squabble

"Sauced" - Drunk, intoxicated

"Share crop" –Sexually promiscuous girl 

"Snap your cap" –Get angry 

"Stompers' –Shoes

"Straight up" -Without ice.

"What’s buzzin’, cousin?" –How’s it going? 

"Wolf" -Aggressively forward male



Slang words from the 1930's


"Abercrombie" -A know it all

"All wet" -No good

"Baby" -A glass of milk

"Beat" -Broke

"Bumpin' gums" -Talk about nothing useful

"Canary" -Female vocalist

"Clam bake wild" -Swing"

"Crumb" -A fink, a loser by social standards

"Cookie Pusher" -Wealthy young woman

"Dead hoofer" -Bad dancer

"Dollface" -A woman

"Eggs in coffee" -Running smoothly

"Genius" -An extreamly, unbelievably dumb person

"Honey Cooler" -Kiss

"Knockout" -Gorgeous Woman

"Loud Speaker" -Wife

"Murder!" -Wow

"Slip me Five" -Shake my hand


Slang words from the 1920's


"Applesauce!" -“Horsefeathers!”

"And How!" -Indeed

"Bank's Closed" -What you tell someone to stop making out

"Bearcat" -A lively, spirited woman, possibly with a fiery streak

"Bee's Knees" -Anything that's good.

"Bushwa!" -Bullshit!

"Blow" -Wild party

"Bean picker" -One who tries to patch up trouble.

"Cancelled Stamp" -A shy, lonely female,“wallflower”

"Cheaters" -Eye glasses

"Duck's Quack" -The best thing ever.

"Dog Kennels" -Pair of shoes.

"Dogs" -Feet.

"Dimbox" -Taxicab

"Dough" -Money

"Eye Opener" -Marriage

"Fig Leaf" -One piece bathing suit.

"Fired" -Drunk

"Giggle Water" -Liquor, alcoholic beverage

"Go chase yourself!" - “Get out of here!”

"Hip Hound" -One who drinks hooch

"Hooch" -Alcohol

"Hotsy Totsy" -Attractive or good looking

"Heebie Jeebies" -The jitters

"Let's Bounce!" -Let's go!

"Lemon Squeezer" -An Elevator

"Noodle Juice"-Tea

"Oyster Fruit" -Pearls

"Oliver Twist" -An extremely good dancer

"Petting Pantry" -A cinema or movie theatre

"Slapdash" -Done too hurriedly and carelessly 

"Sozzeled" -Intoxicated

"Sheik" -A charming, handsome and masculine man

"Vamp" -A woman who uses her charm to seduce

"Whoopee" -To have a good time, “make whoopee”

"Whangdoodle" -Jazz band music



Did you know?


The Agency have also worked extensively as singers and dancers in Film, TV and Stage with credits including back-up for Michael Bublé, Carmen Electra and Wierd Al Yankovic. They have performed in the feature films Red Riding Hood, Sucker Punch, Center Stage 2, Shall we Dance and Hallmark MOWs. As well as TV Shows, Once Upon a Time, Psych, Supernatural, Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies, Smallville, Timeless, Cedar Cove, Fringe, Batwoman and oh so many more!